RV and Boat Storage in Holiday and New Port Richey, FL

RV and Boat Storage Location - RV Storage in New Port Richey, FL
Boat Parking - Boat Storage in New Port Richey, FL
Our parking area for RV storage in New Port Richey, FL
RVs and boats offer you great opportunities for adventure. Whether you like to explore Tarpon Springs, FL, by land or by sea, you likely don't use your boat or RV year-round. Fortunately, Sentry Mini-Storage Inc. offers RV and boat storage space so you can store your land- and water-based vehicles when you don't use them.

Covered and Outdoor Parking

When you decide to store your boat or RV with us, you have a range of options available. For example, you can store your boat outdoors at our covered storage spaces-in or out of the water. Additionally, our covered storage options are perfect for electric vehicles as well.

Want to park your RV or boat in a land-based parking spot? Our outdoor RV storage space is large enough to accommodate each vehicle in our care. And, because we understand just how valuable your boat or RV is to you, we've made security our number one priority.

We monitor our boat and RV storage facilities through video surveillance, and we restrict access to the property and to your belongings by maintaining gates that require a unique access code. Additionally, we keep our properties fenced and lighted to further protect and monitor your RV or boat.

If you ever have any concerns about where your vehicle is located on our property, feel free to speak with one of our on-site managers. We're available to assist you with any need you have, from renting an additional space for another RV or boat or moving your vehicle from outdoor parking to a covered space.

Call Today

If you live in Tarpon Springs, FL, and are ready to take advantage of our storage solutions, call us today. Our RV and boat storage facility is in Holiday, and we also offer self-storage units at our location in New Port Richey. Contact us at 727-845-1529.