Self-Storage Auction at Sentry-Mini Storage

Pasco County Notice of Sale:

SENTRY MINI-STORAGE, INC. (“SMSI”) hereby publishes notice, as required by the Florida “Self-Storage Facility Act” (Sections 83.801-83.809) of a public sale of the property listed to satisfy a landlord’s lien. All sales are for CASH to the highest bidder and are considered final. SMSI reserves the right to reject any bids and to withdraw any unit from such sale. The sale will be held on THURSDAY, MARCH 12TH, 2020; Starting at 2 P.M. at the following location: SENTRY MINI-STORAGE, INC. 3839 U.S. HWY 19, NEW PORT RICHEY, FL. 34652 PHONE # 727-845-1529


UNIT # 60                MAURICIO MORENO – 7X10; Bedroom furniture, electronics

UNIT # 204              JENNIFER KUBB – 10X10; Sector 9 skateboard, wicker furniture, flatscreen tv, bedroom furniture, NFL jersey, misc totes

UNIT # 207              AMERICUS WATT – 10X10; Wooden furniture, fishing pole, lawn chairs

UNIT # 262              JANEL GENEREUX – 10X10; Flatscreen tv, kid’s toys, glass table, wooden dresser, jewelry box

UNIT # 437              PATRICIA MILLER – 10X30; Ladder, Appliances, lawn tools, bicycles, misc totes and bags

UNIT # 442              VERNON KLINE – 10X30; Furniture, band equipment, engine hoist

UNIT # 519              JULIE ALLBERG – 10X20; Lawncare equipment, tools, ladder, flatscreen tv’s, leather couch

UNIT # 552              EDWARD TITUS – 10X20; Antique lamps, painting, wood furniture

UNIT # 558              SHELLI MACK – 10X20; Tempurpedic bed, chest freezer, flat screen tv, fishing poles, furniture, toolboxes

UNIT # 627              KATHERINE WORDEN – 10X15; multiple fish tanks, assorted furniture

UNIT # 628              SERVELL NEWSOME – 10X15; Lawn furniture, assorted bags and boxes

UNIT # 838              JOSEPH BRITTON – 10X25; multiple flatscreen tv’s, ladder’s, appliances, multi room furniture, faux plants, electronic equipment, contents full

UNIT #941                  ABANDONED CONTENTS – 10X25

UNIT # 961              CARRIE SCHILLINGER – 10X20; Paintings, reclining leather couch, lawn chair, wooden furniture, speakers