4 Tips for Moving in the Florida Heat

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It doesn’t take long for things to heat up in the Sunshine State. By the time we’re a few months into the year, 80-degree days are the norm. While there are plenty of advantages to having such consistent gorgeous weather, it can sometimes make certain things more difficult. Moving day, for example, in the Florida heat comes with its own set of challenges and considerations.

If you have a move coming up in the next few months in Florida, you need to be careful to keep yourself, your movers, and your belongings safe in the intense heat. Here are a few tips to help you stay cool and pull off your move successfully!

1) Start early.

The daily temperature usually peaks around mid to late afternoon. Getting a jump on moving day will allow you to get more done before the sun starts beating down on you and/or your movers. Focus on tackling the heaviest lifting first, so you won’t have to do as strenuous work during the hottest hours of the day.

2) Stay hydrated.

The moving process is very labor-intensive. It’s important to drink water constantly throughout the day, especially when you’re moving in the Florida heat. In addition to staying hydrated, you should also make it a point to snack as you go and stop for meals to keep energized.

3) Take special care of fragile belongings.

Be mindful of items you’re moving that can be damaged by heat. If you know the temperatures are likely to be high on moving day, make sure you plan ahead with the right packing supplies and moving equipment to keep your belongings protected. Items such as food, candles, electronics, and shrink-wrapped clothing are among the most vulnerable.

4) Slow down and take breaks.

When you’re moving in the hot Florida spring or summer, plan for extra time to complete tasks and rest throughout the day. You and/or your movers will be moving slower in the heat, so it may take longer to get everything done. Take frequent breaks to avoid over-exerting yourself and risking heat stroke or illness. These breaks are the perfect time to hydrate and refuel with those snacks and water.

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