How to Prepare Your Clothes for Storage

Self-Storage Units in FL

When you’re in the process of moving or find yourself with more clothes than your wardrobe can handle, a storage unit can be a great makeshift closet! Most of us have a few pieces taking up space in the back of our closets that are only worn for one holiday or that we can’t part with for sentimental reasons. A quality storage facility is the perfect place to keep those items safe and available for when you need them.

Before you turn your storage unit into a walk-in closet, make sure you familiarize yourself with these best practices for keeping your clothing in great condition!

Start with a closet purge.

Maximize your storage space by going through your clothes beforehand and getting rid of what you no longer wear. As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn something in the last year, you won’t wear it again—and now it’s just wasting valuable closet space! Sort your clothing into piles of keep, donate, sell, and toss. Say goodbye to anything worn, damaged, out of style, or that no longer fits.

Organize efficiently.

Once you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, it’s time to make a storage plan. The easiest way to group your clothes is by season. This way, you can keep what you’re wearing most often on hand and put the rest in storage. Or, if you have to keep most of your clothes in storage, you can keep the current season up front and easily accessible.

Use the right materials.

If you don’t use the proper packing materials when storing your closet, you’re leaving your clothes at risk for damage from humidity, temperature changes, insects, and other natural hazards. Protect them by investing in the best materials available for packing!

Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to keep your clothes in good condition for short-term storage, but if you’ll be leaving them long-term, they’ll just compress and damage the fibers. Your best bet is storing clothing in clean, dry, plastic containers with sealable lids. Throwing in a mothball or cedar ball to help with pest control and keep things fresh isn’t a bad idea either.

Choose the right facility.

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