How to Properly Store a Mattress

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If you’ve ever purchased a high-quality mattress, you know that they don’t come cheap. At some point, you may find yourself needing to store that mattress, whether it’s an RV or boat mattress you’re putting away for the off-season or just an extra you’d like to hold onto. In order to preserve its quality and protect your investment, it’s important that you take the time to prepare and place it properly in your storage unit.

Follow the steps below to safely store your mattress, so that when it’s time to use it again it’s just as clean and comfortable as you remember!

Before you place your mattress in storage, do a deep cleaning.

Dust and debris that has settled on your mattress can cause lasting deterioration or attract pests when you put it away for long-term storage. Clean your mattress thoroughly before storing to help prevent this type of damage. To clean a mattress, either wash both sides with upholstery cleaner or sprinkle on baking soda, then vacuum.

Next, wrap the mattress in plastic.

To keep your mattress in its freshly-cleaned condition—and protect it from potential dust, dirt, water damage, bacteria growth, and pest infestation in storage—wrap and seal it in plastic. Avoid thick plastic, which can suffocate your mattress and lead to moisture buildup, and opt instead for stretch plastic wrap or, even better, a mattress storage cover.

Finally, lay your mattress flat in your storage unit.

Although placing your mattress on its side would be a more efficient use of space, being in this position long-term will cause the coils and innerworkings to shift, resulting in a permanent decline in quality and comfort. You should always store a mattress flat (preferably on a pallet or tarp to keep it from sitting directly on the ground) to preserve its shape and cushion. For this same reason, you also shouldn’t place anything on top of your mattress in storage, which can cause wear on the exterior and innersprings or foam.

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