How to Store the Most Things in Your Self-Storage Unit

Square footage is the premier factor that dictates self-storage costs. Therefore, you can enjoy serious savings on your storage costs if you can put in as many things as possible in your storage unit. Below are some of the factors you can use to make excellent use of the space available in your self-storage unit.

Purge or Declutter First

Space maximization starts even before you take things to the storage unit. First, purge your items and ensure you only store the necessary things. For example, if you want to store your children’s toys and holiday decorations, go through the items and get rid of those that have damage and you cannot repair. That way, you use the space you have for useful things.

Disassemble Large Items

Many large items have awkward shapes that make the items occupy unnecessary large spaces. If possible, disassemble the items first to reduce the volume of storage space they require. A typical bed, for example, will occupy a bigger space in its assembled state than disassembled space.

Stack Items

The vertical space in a typical self-storage unit is voluminous. Stack your storage boxes to make use of the space. Place the large and heavy items first and stack the lighter items on them. Ensure the items below can hold the weight of the items above them to prevent damage.

Park Efficiently

For the things you want to keep in storage boxes, pack efficiently to minimize the number of storage boxes. Make sure you fill each storage box. For example, insert smaller items between spaces left by medium or big items so that you don’t waste box space. Also, use sturdy boxes that you can stack in storage.

Fill Gaps Creatively

Just as you did with your storage boxes, fill in the gaps your storage items or boxes may leave in the storage unit. For best results, first take in the bigger items and arrange them as neatly as possible. Next, take in the smaller items and try to fit them in between the spaces left by the bigger items.

Place Small Items Inside Big Ones

Some big items have storage spaces or hollow places you can use to store smaller things – do that to maximize your storage space. Furniture and large appliances, for example, tend to have storage spaces you can use to keep other items such as smaller appliances and tools.

Install Shelves

Installing shelves is another efficient way to make use of the vertical space. Install open shelves because they give you the same volume as closed shelves but don’t take up too much space. Ensure the shelves can handle the weight of the items you want to place on them. Also, don’t install permanent shelves since that would contravene the storage facility’s regulations.

Line Up Things on the Walls

You can still store things on the walls even if you don’t install shelves. Place vertical objects along the walls so that they don’t take up valuable floor space. Things like bed frames, table legs, tools, and furniture can easily lie against the wall for the duration of storage.

Hang Things From the Ceiling

Lastly, you can also hang things from the ceiling (or walls). Use adhesive hangers or stickers that won’t damage the storage unit or leave permanent marks. Only hang light things to prevent damage both to the ceiling and to the items. Leather items, for example, can warp if you hang them for an extended period.

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