3 Advantages of Covered Boat Storage

A Sentry Mini-Storage Rv and boat storage facility sign, standing outside showing off the storage units.

Whether you’re headed on a long vacation, or you don’t have the time in your current schedule to sail out on the open ocean, there comes a time when you need to store your boat. Covered storage offers many benefits and is the preferred way to store a boat for a whole season or just a few short weeks.

Here are three advantages of covered boat storage that will leave you worry-free when you inevitably have to take some time off of boating.

1.Protection Against the Elements

Leaving your boat in a covered storage unit will extend the life and wellbeing of your prized investment. Your boat will be protected from the weather and damaging elements like rain, wind, and sun. Continued sun exposure can weaken the exterior coating on the boat and damage seating and other fabrics. Rainwater can accumulate in the hull and engine of the boat, causing damage. Leaving your boat in the water is not a viable option because it can lead to deterioration over time. The best way to guarantee your boat gets protected from the elements is to put it in a storage facility that offers covered boat storage.

2.Better for the Environment

Storing your boat inside prevents oil or gas from leaking into the ocean. Leaving a leaky boat in the water for a long period will cause environmental damage and wreak havoc on the ecosystem below. Even small oil spills from a boat can significantly damage the water quality in the area.

3.More Secure

Leaving your boat stored outside for everyone to see can be nerve-wracking. A Covered storage unit is a safer option, especially for off-season boat storage. It is crucial to pick a storage facility that has security as its top priority. Onsite managers and security cameras are great ways to guarantee your boat is safe and protected from thieves and vandals.

Boats are an amazing investment that allows us to travel across open water. They deserve to be taken care of and treated right. If you need a safe and secure place to put your boat, after you properly prepare it for storage, Sentry Mini-Storage can help. Call (727)845-1529 to discuss your options for covered boat storage today!