Getting Your RV Ready for Camping Season

RV Storage Facility in Holiday, FL

When the birds start chirping and the flowers start blooming again, RV owners know that camping season is about to get underway. While the winter weather doesn’t get too bad here in Florida, it’s hard to find time during the busy holiday season to get out to the campground and catch some fresh air. Now as things are finally slowing down, many campers finally have a chance to pull their RV out of storage and get it in shape for a new round of adventures.

Before you start reserving campsites though, take these steps to get your vehicle ready for the road!

Start with an inspection.

The first thing to do to get your RV ready for camping is to make sure it’s in good working order. Start by checking the exterior for any damage, leaks, or cracks, including the windows, doors, roof, and tires. Then, inspect the interior components and equipment, including the propane tanks/connections, appliances, batteries, water lines and pipes, generator, air system, and engine. Anything that’s not functioning or is underperforming must be maintained, repaired, or replaced.

Next, flush out and sanitize your water system.

Restarting your RV’s water system is a very important step in the spring preparation process. First, flush out your system by turning on the water pump, opening all indoor and outdoor faucets, and running the water until it comes out clear. Don’t forget to also take your water heater out of bypass or drain it if you used antifreeze. After the first flush, fill the fresh water tank with a mixture of bleach and water (1/4 cup of bleach per 15 gallons). Then, run the water until you smell the bleach, drain the tank and refill with clean water, then run your system again until the bleach smell is gone.

Finally, give your RV a deep cleaning and restock your supplies.

After a few months of being idle and collecting dust in storage, your RV is going to be in need of a tune up. Go through and clean the interior and exterior (here are some tips to help you do that). You should also let it air out for a few hours. Once your RV is clean, make sure you have all the essential supplies you’ll need for the season. This includes emergency supplies like first-aid, medications, a fire extinguisher, etc., as well as dry food, blankets, utensils, tools, and whatever else you need to keep you comfortable.

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