Spring Cleaning Tips for Your RV

view of RV outside near mountains

If you’re an avid camper, cross-country traveler, or outdoorsman, you likely rush to pull your RV out of storage at the first sign of spring. Even if you take the proper measures to store your vehicle for the winter, it will probably take some elbow grease to prepare it for your first outing.

A well-cleaned and sanitized RV not only enhances your travel experience but also maintains the vehicle’s condition for the long haul!

Here are some effective tips for sprucing up your RV inside and out.

The Exterior

Tip #1: Top-Down Cleaning Approach

Begin your cleaning spree from the RV’s roof, working your way down. This method allows the soapy water to flow downwards, pre-cleaning the lower sections. Utilize a ladder and a long-handled brush for efficient scrubbing, covering the roof, walls, awning, windows, and tires until your RV gleams.

Tip #2: Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

Be cautious with your choice of cleaning products. While dish soap may seem convenient, it can strip the protective gel coating off your RV, leaving a filmy residue. Opt for a gentler solution like a mixture of baby shampoo, water, and a hint of vinegar. This ensures effective cleaning without compromising your RV’s protective layer.

Tip #3: Wax to Protect

Cleaning isn’t complete without a protective layer of wax. Waxing seals in your efforts and safeguards the RV’s exterior from further accumulation of dirt and debris, maintaining the pristine finish.

The Interior

Tip #1: Gentle Cleaning Solutions

The interior of your RV, with its vinyl paneling, countertops, and fixtures, demands a delicate touch. To prevent damage, avoid ammonia-based or abrasive cleaners. Opt for mild, soapy water or all-purpose cleaners to keep surfaces safe and clean.

Tip #2: Prioritize Kitchen and Bathroom

Given their frequent use, the kitchen and bathroom should be the focal points of your cleaning routine. These areas are prone to bacteria, grime, and dirt buildup, which can affect your RV’s hygiene. By prioritizing their cleaning, you’re taking responsibility for maintaining a clean and healthy environment inside your RV.

Tip #3: Professional Cleaning for Carpets and Upholstery

Hiring professional cleaners once a year is advisable for deep cleaning, especially carpets and upholstery that hold onto dirt. This ensures thorough cleaning, contributing significantly to the interior’s longevity and overall air quality.

Ensuring that your RV is in excellent condition for spring and beyond is crucial for enhancing your travel experiences and extending your vehicle’s lifespan. Additionally, selecting a reliable and secure storage facility is essential when storing your RV again.

When it’s time to tuck your RV away after the season’s adventures, consider a storage solution prioritizing security and peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art facility at Sentry-Mini Storage is equipped with advanced security measures, including restricted lot access and comprehensive video surveillance, ensuring your cherished vehicle remains safe and well-maintained year-round.

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