Which Items Really Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-Controlled Storage Units in New Port Richey, FL

If you’re looking into renting some extra storage, you’ve probably come across a number of facilities that offer climate-controlled units. You’ve also likely noticed that the price is a little steeper for this type of unit and wondered if it’s really worth the expense.

Ultimately, the need for climate control comes down to what it is you need to store. If any of the following items are on your list, make sure you’re investing in a climate-controlled storage unit to preserve the quality of your belongings for as long as possible!


While cheaper, synthetic pieces may last just fine in regular storage, wooden and leather furniture should always be kept in a controlled climate. Both materials are particularly vulnerable to damage from changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture buildup. If not stored in an ideal environment, wooden furniture can often warp, crack, and rot, while discoloration and mildew growth can occur in leather.

Electronics & Appliances

Drastic changes in climate over time are quick to damage these valuable items. Electronics and household appliances—such as televisions, stereos, washer/dryers, microwaves, etc.—are all susceptible to cracks, rust, mold/mildew and internal malfunctioning if not stored at proper temperature and humidity levels.

Specialty Items

Valuable collections and belongings should be stored in a climate-controlled unit to ensure their preservation for years to come. Stamps, coin, sports cards, wine, instruments, fine art, important documents and other collections are, like most objects, at risk for damage caused by temperature and humidity changes. This applies to belongings with sentimental value as well, such as photos and family heirlooms.

Clothing & Bedding

Anything made with fabric needs to be kept dry to stay in good condition. Fibers found in most clothing and bedding materials degrade in high heat, resulting in holes when they break apart. Little holes are perfect for pests to gather and make their home. Plus, moisture accumulation will cause mold growth—the last thing you want for your clothes and sheets.

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