Top Tips on Storing Your Musical Instruments

Set of different musical instruments on wooden background, flat lay

There are several reasons you may require a self-storage unit. Whether you are traveling, moving, downsizing, or need to free up some extra space, it’s important to take care of your possessions and ensure they are stored properly.

Some of your belongings need more care and attention than others. Here are some top tips on storing your musical instruments to ensure they stay safe and intact!

Clean Them Thoroughly

Before putting your instruments into storage, give them a good cleaning. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning solutions and cloths for your instrument, and if it is designed to come apart, remove mouthpieces, reeds, and detach straps. This helps keep moisture and dirt from building up and damaging the instrument while it’s stored.

Store in Original Case

Store your instrument in its original case. The case is built to hold the instrument and all its parts securely and safely. If you no longer have the original case, seek a replacement rather than just using a box, bag, or bin. Hard cases are ideal, but if your instrument originally came in a softer case, that can also be a safe storage option. Be sure your case, hard or soft, is waterproof!

Cover Large Instruments

You will not have a case if you store larger instruments, such as a piano or drum set. You’ll need to take special precautions with these items and consider having them moved professionally. Piano legs, pedals, and benches should be wrapped in heavy padding. Cover large instruments with a tarp to protect them from dust, mildew, and pests.

Rent a Climate Controlled Unit

A climate-controlled unit is the only acceptable option for storing your musical instruments in self-storage. Musical instruments are sensitive to drastic temperature changes, high humidity, and prolonged exposure to heat and cold. Those conditions can drastically affect your musical instruments, such as going out of tune, growing mold or mildew, or even severe structural issues like warping or cracking.

At Sentry Mini-Storage, our climate-controlled units help preserve items like wood furniture, guitars, and documents while offering standard ventilation units in a wide array of sizes! We’ve helped individuals, families, and businesses rent mini-storage units for decades and dedicated our time and efforts to ensuring we have the most appropriate storage solutions available.

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