Firearms and Self-Storage: What You Should Know

Owners of firearms cannot always take their guns with them when they travel or make a temporary move. Sometimes the only option is to look for an affordable storage option nearby. How to safely store guns or a gun collection will take a little more consideration than it does when storing basic household items and furnishings. Learn what to do when you store your firearms.

Check the Rules

Some storage facility owners accept firearms at their location, and some do not. The operators of the business may have a limit of how many guns can go in each unit and restrict certain types of weapons. Ammunition, even separate from the firearm, is never allowed in any storage unit because it is an explosive.

Check the storage contract carefully before signing. If firearms are not mentioned, ask about the company policy. Customers that break the rules can become inconvenienced. The contract could become void and all possessions would have to be moved out immediately.

Control the Climate

All gun owners need to do what they can to protect their firearms from moisture because of the concern of rust. In Florida, the humidity is always a concern. Temperature shifts also increase the risk of condensation. Wraps, bags, and desiccants are not enough to protect firearms during long term storage.

Always use a climate-controlled storage unit for protection. Make certain the unit has humidity and temperature controls to avoid the risk of damage. It is still a good idea to use other protective measures like a gun sock.

Prepare the Firearm

Clean the gun before storage. Not only does cleaning remove the oil from fingerprints that could damage the barrel, but it also removes any gunpowder residue. The residue is an explosive and leaving it could break the rules of the contract. The fire risk may be small, but if one did occur because of the residue it could leave you legally responsible.

Always unload the gun and have a trigger lock installed for added safety. Enclose the gun in a gun safe or any secure case. It is easy to forget where the firearm is when retrieving items after a year or two of storage. A safe or case prevents damage to the gun if other items are dropped or shifted around in the unit.

Call Insurance Companies

Have insurance that will cover all the property in the storage unit. The storage facility may offer some coverage with the contract or offer it as an added expense. Make certain the amount is adequate from the storage company to cover the full value of the items in storage. Pay for a supplemental renter’s policy or self-storage insurance through a third-party insurer if needed.

Protect Your Property

Theft is always a concern for gun owners because of the value and to use to commit other crimes. Criminals prefer stolen guns because it prevents the police from tracing the gun to them. Ensure the safety of your guns through discrete transport and store in the back of the unit behind less desirable property like basic household items.

Remember the Bill

An unpaid bill could mean the loss of everything in the unit. Check into the options that would prevent a mistake that could lead to the loss of the contents of the unit. Consider automatic payments each month or pay for the full term of the contract at the time of the rental.

Safety of all property is important to us at Sentry Mini-Storage Inc. If you have special storage needs, contact us to learn about our regulations and what we can offer. We offer online payment options, climate-controlled units and much more. Call or contact us online for more information.