Sharing a Storage Unit With a Friend? Help the Arrangement Go Well

Sharing a storage unit with someone is a good way to save on storage rent. Additionally, sharing a storage unit with someone you know, such as a friend or family member, is sensible if you own or rent property jointly with that person. Still, you have important things to keep in mind if you want to share a storage unit with someone. These tips can help.

Share Your Unit With Someone You Trust

Only share a storage unit with someone you trust fully. This should be someone that you know to be responsible, reliable, and respectful of other people’s space. After all, you will rely on this person to pay their share of the rent and get into the unit when you are not there.

If you cannot trust this person to respect your space and pay the bill, then this is not the right person to share the other portion of your storage space.

Make Sure Your Needs Match

Do you need a storage unit that is climate controlled? Do you want a space that you can easily access from the ground floor? How long do you plan to have your storage unit? Do you need your storage unit to be near to your house?

You and your storage unit roommate need to answer all of these questions, and for the most part, these answers need to be compatible with one another. For example, if you both need a storage unit that is close to your homes for easy access, and you live across town from one another, then this could indicate that this arrangement will not work. Keep looking for a roommate whose needs are compatible with yours.

Make Rent Arrangements Before Signing the Lease

Before anyone signs the lease, decide in advance how much each person will pay and how you will make the payment. Will you be splitting the facility 50/50? Will both people pay the facility, or will the payment to the facility come from just one person? Will you make the payments online or by check?

Making these arrangements in advance can help prevent misunderstandings. Once you have signed the lease and moved in your things, backing out of the agreement is much harder.

Divide the Space Clearly

The best way to avoid arguments between you and the other person that you share a storage space with is to make the division between each person’s space very clear. You can do this by measuring the space and then deciding how many square feet of the space each person will receive. Finally, lay tape down on the floor to prevent one person from taking more than their fair share.

Know Everyone Who Has Access to the Unit

Will your storage unit buddy share their key with someone else they know? If this is their plan, find out who will have access to the storage unit key. If you do not know that person, get to know them so you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re all right with this arrangement.

If the situation makes you uncomfortable, be honest with your storage unit roommate. Your storage unit roommate may have the same feelings about people who have access to your key. Have an open and honest discussion and negotiation to ensure that both parties are comfortable.

Set Some Ground Rules

Establish ground rules surrounding storage unit etiquette. Will you allow each other to touch the other person’s things, or move each other’s things out of the way if this becomes necessary? Do you not want certain things your roommate to keep in the unit?

Establish rules ahead of time before moving in. Managing expectations from the beginning of the relationship will help ensure that this arrangement is beneficial for both parties.

Put Both Names on the Lease

The person who puts their name on the lease is the person who has legal right to access the facility. If the relationship between you and the other person should break down for any reason, this could create a complicated and messy situation.

If both names are on the lease, no one has the ability to shut the other one out of the unit. Work with your storage facility to ensure that both roommates can sign for the unit.

Contact a Storage Facility in Your Area

Are you ready to move into a mini storage unit with someone you know? Contact a reputable storage facility in your area.

If you have questions about sharing a unit with a friend, contact Sentry Mini-Storage Inc. We can answer your questions so you and your friend can come up with an arrangement that works for you. We offer different unit sizes to match all of your and your friend’s storage needs. Just let us know what we can do for you.