Climate-Controlled Storage Unit | Sentry Mini-Storage Inc

5 Reasons You Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit The reasons that you need a self-storage unit may be obvious between clutter piling up and awkward moving logistics looming in your future. However, even when you know you need the use of a storage unit, you may not know which type of unit works best for your… Read more »

Tips for Preparing Your Boat for Storage

You have had several unforgettable adventures on your boat, but now it’s time to put it into storage. Instead of placing your boat into a friend’s unheated garage or hoping it remains safe under a tarp, you have decided to give your boat the best possible environment by putting it into a self-storage unit. However,… Read more »

Putting Your RV Into Storage: What You Need to Know

After your yearly vacation ends and it’s time to get back to work, it’s time to park your RV for an extended period of time. Storing your RV at a facility helps to free up space on your own property, and you know that the storage company can provide a space that is well-suited for… Read more »